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Starting and Training


There are no ethical shortcuts in horse training that lead to a willing and sound athlete.  Starting a young horse is a delicate process that if done with an eye for physical and mental balance can become the bedrock that future endeavors can stand on.  

A six month commitment is required for your young horse to be accepted into my program. Restarts, or the correction of a poorly laid foundation are classified as rehabilitation and subject to longer commitment requirements.

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Equine Rehabilitation

When in pain a horse will give their rider and handlers signs that something needs to change. Trouble getting leads, asymmetric muscle development, stiffness in one or both directions, head tossing, tail wringing, and an imbalanced hoof-wear pattern are some ways that your horse communicates discomfort. If left unnoticed, these signs will lead to chronic lameness and unwanted behavior.

In time, with correct postural rehabilitation, nutrition, body work and thoughtful riding your horse can be brought into homeostasis.
Training-Board Application

Thoughtful Preparation

How this philosophy guides my lesson program.

My goal is for students to be prepared to ride, care for and handle horses at an elite level while considering their equine partner's health and well-being every step of the way. I strive to help raise a generation of equestrians who prioritize the horse while pursuing their goals.

The requirements are patience, a willingness from students to learn, and continued personal growth on my part.

Thoughtful preparation will develop talented riders, but most importantly, it will grow awareness of self and sound horsemanship

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