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Hoof Health And The Whole Horse


This is the first in a series of video clinics where equine professionals discuss simple changes we can all make to help horses feel good about the way they are ridden and handled.


Horses in any discipline, horses who are ridden or not, and horses at any level.  In this clinic, Bradley James Kelley from Brad's Natural Hoof Care comes to the farm to teach us about barefoot trimming, a few common hoof ailments, and how a properly balanced hoof leads to a sound horse.  Terra Bortels from Concinnity Farm in Parma, Michigan joins us via Zoom to share how balancing the hoof is linked to our horse's posture and overall health.  She also highlights resources that are available to all of us who are interested in digging deeper.  And as a trainer who starts and rehabilitates horses with a focus on balanced equitation and equine postural health, I help to connect their information to everyday horse handling by demonstrating a simple unmounted exercise anyone with a few minutes can do to change their horse's health in big ways.   Horses often express fear and unwanted behavior when experiencing tension or pain.  Fortunately, these things can be turned around with a few changes.  I am passionate about empowering horse owners, bringing our industry's attention back to what horses need for long-term success, and helping everyone who picks up a lead rope prioritize their horse while reaching for personal goals.


The pony in this video had an adverse reaction to a vaccine the week before this video clinic which left his body tense and sore.  Brad is also helping him recover from a previous trimming method that was unhelpful and caused a common but painful low heel long toe stance.


David Lee Miller is the videographer


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