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There will be people along your path who seem to say the right things, but leave you feeling hollow. You may enjoy these humans if you are patient and tolerant...maybe you'll even learn some useful stuff.

And then there will be people who never take too much, even when they teach hard lessons or hold you accountable to your own moral compass. Pushing you to reach further...dig deeper.

If you start to leave a situation feeling drained, pay attention.

For me, this is a sign that it's time to take what works and leave the rest. Time to burrow down into fertile soil and allow the seeds of richer moments to germinate.

It hurts, change and growth are not linear or logical, but... When you find your fertile ground you will know because the work doesn't feel hollow....it doesn't drain your soul.

When I'm digging deep with my peeps; life lessons seep into my bones, they settle in my guts and they move shit around.

A certain level of safety and patience from myself and honestly from my village is pretty much mandatory for all this to happen. It's not a fun process!

Sometimes we just aren't ready, maybe we're stuck. I've been stuck, I've not been ready, and maybe I'm there more often than I even know. But I try to not stay for long. I try to search for ways to grow through some things.

Because through is often the only way out.

It seems like a worthy cause, my horses and my students are almost always better for it. Authenticity can thrive, and we all know that the horse values fewer things more than authenticity.

So ~ Cheers to finding the fruit in our fears and failures 🍎

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